Proudly hosts the
Northshield Spring Crown Tournament

May 13 2023

Artisans, warriors, sovereigns and gentles gather from near and far, from around the Kingdom and from across the Knowne World to be with their cousins of Darkstone.
In the past, Darkstone has held events such as Beltaine by the Bay, Crown Tournament, Heraldic and Scribal Symposiums, Bardic Day, the Great Northern Fiber Moot Woot and Shoot, and, most recently, Regional Armored Combat Fighter Practices.
Come and join us as we put all we have learned in the S.C.A. to practice
and bring “The Dream” to life!

The Shire of Darkstone, once more, warmly welcomes Their Stellar Majesties, worthy Combatants, Consorts, Baronage, and friends as the next heirs to the throne are decided in honourable one on one combat at the
Crown Tournament of Lars III and Mary III

  • When?
    Saturday, May 13th, 2023
  • Site opens for Royals and Combatants/Consorts at 8am, general populace at 9am. Site closes at 9pm.
  • Where?
    The Bay Area Civic Center in Ashland WI
    320 Depot Dr, Ashland, WI 54806
    *Site is ADA accessible*
    There will be populace space available on flat floor as well as bleachers. 
    *A list of nearby accommodations and restaurants*
  • Gate Fees:
    Adult  $20
    Adult Member $15
    Children 12 and under  FREE
    Family cap $35 (includes two minors and two adults)
  • Feast Fees:
    Adult $20
    12 and under $10
    (Lunch will be by donation)

    Please make checks payable to “SCA WI, Inc. – Shire of Darkstone

Pre-registration will be available, more details will come as arrangements are finalized.

We will follow all current Kingdom, State, CDC, and local COVID guidelines. As guidelines and restrictions are updated, we will update the event information on the event website and Facebook event.

If you are interested in volunteering at the event, a sign up sheet has been created for your convenience and can be found here.

  • Event Staff
  • Event Steward- Moira Eiriksdottir, OP
  • Deputy Steward- Lord Christian Blood
  • Royalty Liason– TBD
  • Feast Steward- THL Ciana Scholari di Polcenigo
  • What’s going on at Crown Tournament?
    Witness the pageantry and honor as armored combatants from around the Kingdom fight to be crowned Heirs to the Thrones, participate in classes, witness the spectacle and magic of Royal Court and sit a sumptuous feast! This is an event that is not to be missed!
  • The Format of this Crown Tournament will be
    Bring your best.  All tourney weapons allowed, combatants may change weapons prior to any bout desired.
  • Tournament styler will be a “Pool tourney”. If there are 9-16 people in the tournament, there will be two pools of approximately 8 combatants each, the top two from each pool advance. If there are more than 16 people, there will be four pools, the top combatant from each pool advances.
  • Ties will be broken by the match that occurred between the fighters in the pool.  Any multi-way mutually destructive ties will be re-fought. The top four enter standard double elimination.
  • First round will be one bout. In the second round, the lower bracket must win two out of three, whilst the upper bracket need only win one out of three.  Finals will be best two out of three. 
  • Entrants must be suitable to the crown. *Standard kingdom requirements will apply. You must affirm that you and your prospective consort have read the Corpora of the Society for Creative Anachronism and the laws of the Kingdom of Northshield, read and understand the Rules of the Lists, and the conventions of combat of the Kingdom of Northshield.

Spring Crown 2023 Lunch and Feast

Lunch tavern by the Houghton MI fighter group will be a lovely soup lunch with bread and cheese on the side by donation.

-: ✧ :- -: ✧ :- -: ✧ :- -: ✧ :-

Feast will be of middle period Bohemia, a seasonal fast day in the (greatly reduced!) manner of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, served family style to table.

☆ Please bring your table settings and items to pretty up the banquet area, there is plenty of room for off-board ☆

Feel at your comfort to contact cianascholari @ gmail about dietary issues, we would love to accommodate many of our populace. The shire is currently planning entirely gluten-free, and have heard of several allergies. (v) for strict vegetarian.

This is the menu in modern terms, as in the tradition of SCA feasts:

。・゚゚・ On Table:

Bread & spreads

Relishes (v will be plated separately)


。・゚゚・ 1st Course:

A light vegetable soup (v)

Spring veg salat (v)


。・゚゚・ 2nd Course:

Poultry roulade with sauce

Beef medallions

Mushroom steaks (v)

Side dishes (v) of peas, and roasted root veggeies

。・゚゚・ Dessert:

Pribináček (think panna cotta) with a fruit coulis

Pear tarts (v)