The S.C.A. offers many different Martial activities for you to enjoy! Which ones pique your interest?

All ages and genders are welcome to participate, minors may need extra waivers.

  • Armored Combat
    Fighters don their armour, pick up their rattan weapons and engage in full contact battle. Anything from single sword and shield to pole weapons and dual weapons! If you are into physical contact sports, armored combat is right up your alley!
    -Youth Boffer Combat
    Minors aged 6-17 may participate in an age appropriate version of armored combat, but with padded weapons and higher safety standards
  • Rapier Combat
    The strikes are lightning fast and graceful, and the blades are real! Rapier combatants use real (blunted) steel blades of many types and engage in period authentic fencing techniques, like you see in movies such as the Princess Bride or the Three Musketeers.
    -Cut and Thrust
    The armor is heavier and the blows land harder, real steel blades are used to land slashing and thrusting blows.
  • Equestrian Activities
    Horses trot along in flowing barding while their riders enjoy jousting, obstacle courses and even archery!
  • Target Archery
    Draw back the bowstring and let your arrows fly through the air! Archers of all ages use period (and period-esque; sorry, no compound bows) bows, crossbows and techniques to send wooden arrows and bolts whistling through the air into their targets.
  • Thrown Weapons
    Release your axes, spears, slings, plumbatas, atlatl darts and knives and hear the satisfying THUD as they strike a point! Participants of all ages can learn a variety of techniques and enjoy the satisfaction of getting their weapon to stick in a target in a variety of different games!