The S.C.A. isn’t all fighting and weapons…countless worlds of crafting and artistry await you in the Arts and Sciences

This is but a small sampling of A&S activities.
If it was done in period, someone is doing it in the S.C.A., and many of these arts are practiced within our very own shire.

  • Cooking
    If you thought medieval food was bland and boring, let us introduce you to a whole new world of spices, preparation methods and recipes to tantalize your tastebuds and please your palate; learn the art of the Feast and eat your creations!
  • Sewing, Garb making and Fiber Arts
    Practice the arts of Nalbinding, tablet weaving, veil stitches, embroidery, lucet lacing, yarn spinning, fabric printing and more as you create gorgeous textiles to adorn yourself and others!
  • Calligraphy and Illumination
    Learn how to be a scribe and create stunning artworks straight out of medieval manuscripts and historical finds! Will you reproduce a folio from the Luttrell Psalter, or carve a Ringerike style Runestone?
  • The Performance Arts
    Is singing, storytelling, acting, playing music or dancing your passion? Learn medieval dances to accompany your friends who are playing the fiddle, bodhran and recorder! Tell the saga of Loki’s gift of fire as the campfire crackles and illuminates your audience! Entertain and amuse with puppets as you share your talent across the Known World!
  • Metalworking
    Blacksmithing over a coal foundry, casting molten metal into stunning art, creating metal armor pieces- these are skills that you too, can learn!
  • Wood and Leather working
    Learn the art of turning wood on a spring lathe or stamping and water hardening your latest leather quiver and come to appreciate what medieval crafters were capable of!
  • Heraldry
    Are you SUPER into family research? Do you like designing logos? Can you make yourself heard over the din of the crowd from a block away? Then the Heraldic pursuits are for you! Create period plausible names and armory for yourself and others, and be the booming voice that everyone hears in tournaments and at Royal Court!
  • Glass and Ceramic work
    Learn how to make glass lampwork beads like the Norse did, or fire a Langobard stamped drinking vessel, you too can create functional art that can last centuries!
  • Agricultural & Animal Related Endeavors
    Would you care to raise or grow your very own feast? Is learning how animals worked alongside your ancestors and recreating it more your speed?
    How about raising animals or gardening to cultivate and create fibers, dyes, herbs, spices, historically authentic perfumes or medicines? Are you delighted at the thought of being around majestic Arabian horses, gorgeous Icelandic chickens, wooly sheep and maybe, just maybe, dogs in armor? Yup, we do that.