The Village of Hvítskógar and the Shire of Darkstone
proudly present:

Come, revel in the white woods!

Join the Village of Hvítskógar as we partner with our sponsor group,the Shire of Darkstone, once again.

This year we set out to make our event fun for everyone, so we are holding a great scavenger hunt where participants will compete in challenges that reflect a wide range of the gentle arts! Everyone is encouraged to participate and the scavenger hunt will continue all throughout the day. There will also be S.C.A. martial combat for those who prefer the sword to the arts. Lord Eysteinn will be hosting a two part Holmgang tourney for Armored combat and Don Cyveiliog will be hosting two Rapier tourneys as well as Cut and Thrust activities. Top it all off with the return of the Rusty Blade Challenge and you are assured a good time!

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Griffins and trees taken from  | Shire of Darkstone device (modified) used with permission.
Badger displayed with permission of the Shire of Skerjastrond | Picture of the rusty blade plaque courtesy of Hollie A Salazar

Saturday, June 29th, 2013
Ironwood Township MI

Updated 06/02/13